Bonnie Krawec founded the training and consulting business of Dynamic Directions Training & Consulting Inc. in 1995. With a passion for lifelong learning, Bonnie has grown the business to include services in the areas of learning, leadership and project management.

Dynamic Directions is focused on ensuring innovative solutions are realized when addressing training, leadership and project planning needs. We value the interactive and collaborative process the enables our clients to succeed.

Our mission is to provide innovative learning solutions that incorporate accelerated and adult learning theory, methods and techniques to make the learning and training experience more effective, enjoyable and enlightening.

By working closely with you, Dynamic Directions can help you maximize a return on investment while delivering the tools and materials needed to enhance performance.

Partial Organization & Client List
  • Suncor Energy Inc.
  • Government of Alberta
  • Waiward CMI
  • AADAC Learning Services
  • Hazard Alert Training Inc.
  • University of Alberta
  • Aspen View Schools
  • ATCO Gas
  • ATB Financial
  • Tarragon Oil Resources
  • Graphic Resources Limited
  • NOVA Gas Transmission
  • Towers Perrin


businessPuzzle Accelerated and adult learning techniques and methodologies are based on principles that encompass the specific needs of adult learners. A significant amount of research has gone into and continues to go into studying adult education theories, principles and philosophies. Such research provides adult educators with a wide variety of resources to tap into. For example, Stephen Brookfield, who is a strong proponent of self-directed learning, encourages those involved in the area of adult education to use critical thinking skills.

" The task of the educator becomes that of encouraging adults to perceive the relative, contextual nature of previously unquestioned givens. Additionally, the educator should assist the adult to reflect on the manner in which values, beliefs and behaviors previously deemed unchallengeable can be critically analyzed. Through presenting alternative ways of interpreting and creating a world to adults, the educator fosters a willingness to consider alternative ways of living. "
~Brookfield, S.

Not only are educators challenged with meeting the needs of those organizations they represent, but also with ensuring that the instruction they provide encompasses the important seven variables of instruction. In this new millennium, it is more vital than ever that educators keep abreast of current theory, methods and techniques that can make the learning experience successful.